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Please read all the FAQ's before proceeding your order.

1. What is your online store about and the product prices?

  • An online wholesale & retail shop in South Korea that supply you all the latest trend of Korea beauty products. We also supply stocks to re-sellers who are interested to sell Korea beauty products. 

  • We show the original price of the products in our website. At the same time, we have the rights to lower down and give the best prices to our buyers because we are a wholesaler and retailer at the same time.

  •  All our stocks are directly from the original brand company and authorised distributors in Korea.

  • At the same time we also a shopping agent that can help to buy any product from Korea and ship to your place. You just need to tell us the link of the product and we will quote you the price.

2. Are the cosmetics authentic?

  • Yes. All products are 100% original made in Korea. We deal directly with the original company or registered distributors in Korea.

  • We know because of Korea beauty products are getting higher popularity in the world especially Asia, so there are fake products selling around until you don't know how to differentiate them!

  • Don't worry because we are based in Korea and Korea has a very strict law that no fake products are available!

  • All products are directly packed and shipped out from Korea to your destination!

  • We will not even choose to sell fake products! We guarantee you! All products are certified by Korea health ministry and they are all legal products!

    3. Can I refund, cancel or exchange the products?

    • Products are strictly non-refundable due to hygienic purpose. If we sent you the products wrongly, do contact us as soon as possible and we will be glad to arrange the exchange for you. But we ensure that it is impossible to send the wrong products to you!
    • Please make sure your products are sealed as original and never open or else we are not able to do the refund process for you.
    • If we had packed and shipped your products, it means you are not eligible to cancel the order anymore. So, we suggest you to make a firm decision before you place an order with us!

    4. What about the delivery fee if happen to have refund cases?

    • Customers will need to bear with the delivery fee when you send us back the products to claim for refund or exchange. But we sure this is a very rare case. 

    5. What if I can't find the products that I am looking for in your online store?

    • For products not found in our online store, feel free to contact us for availability and quotation.

    6. What is your service fee as a shopping agent to buy other product from Korea?

    • We charge 15% service fee to the total amount of the products.
    • The service fee is about our handling time, check the products that you ordered and re-pack the products for sending overseas to you.
    • We need to make sure all products are in good condition before sending to overseas.
    • Please note that we will charge delivery fee from Korea to your place too.

    7. How do you charge if I want to buy other product from Korea?

    • Calculation : [ Item cost ] + [ Korea domestic shipping cost ] + [ service fee ] + [ Shipping cost to overseas ]

    8. How can I buy other Korean products in your online store? 

    • Products like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. that you would like to order from any Korea website which do not provide overseas shipment, you can just send us the product link and we will handle for you as your shopping agent.
    • Please tell us your request clearly like the color, quantity, size,etc. of the product.
    • We will then let you know the total payment of the product.
    • We will also mark your items as a gift for sending to you.

    9. How to buy Korean cosmetics with wholesale price from you?

    • Send us your request with the name of the product and the order quantity that you need to buy for wholesale.
    • Then we will send you the quotation based on your order quantity.

    10. What is your MOQ for buying Korean cosmetics with wholesale price?

    • Our MOQ is at least 1 box per product. If you cannot meet this MOQ then the lowest MOQ that we can accept is 10 units per product.

    11. Do you ship to worldwide?

    • Yes, we ship worldwide.

    12. What is your payment method?

    • Online banking
    • Western Union
    • Pay Pal [ Paypal does not require to create an account when using their service for card payment. ( ]
    • Pay Pal can accept credit card and debit card payment.
    • After payment made, please allow us to have 3-5 days to prepare your order due to high volume of orders. We ask for your understanding.
    • Please note once order placed and if we do not receive any payment from you within 3 days, then your order will be considered as cancel.

    13. What is your accepted currency?

    • MYR
    • USD

    14. What if I want to pay using Korean Won [ KRW ]?

    • KRW is only available if you have Korea bank. If you use Korean bank to transfer us the money, then yes we can accept KRW.

    15. What about the custom declaration part?

    • Please note that custom declaration is on your responsibility. We do not take any responsibility on this.
    • Anything that happen between you and the custom, we will not handle or refund any payment for it.
    • Import tax or duty tax could be charge by the custom in your country.
    • We advise you to check with the custom's policy before placing an order from us.
    • It is normal that every custom in different country might tax you whenever you import something from overseas.

    16. If I order bulky stocks from you, is there any logistics company that I can use?

    • If you have any logistics company that you have known in Korea, please let us know and we can forward your stocks to them.
    • If you prefer to use logistics company for your shipment, we could help to search or recommend you some logistics companies that have door to door service with custom clearance service.
    • Please note that logistics shipment cost is highly expensive compared to the normal express mail service [ EMS ] because they provide handling service by dealing with the custom and also door to door service.
    • Please also note that we will charge you the domestic shipping cost for forwarding your stocks to the logistics company. 
    • Shipping cost is always based on the total weight of the products.